vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, Vegetable Crayons

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From Japan, one of the world’s largest food waste producers, comes the new, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainable, Vegetable Crayons, made from real vegetables

These are great! Ever since we got them, my boy have been asking about different vegetables. Now he wants to try burdock, where do I buy that!? ​



My little one’s crayons always end up in her mouth. I’m happy these are not going to make her sick.​​



 MIRON violet glass in unmatched in preserving food and organic material. Its unique visible-light blocking glass slows decay and maintains the fragrance, taste, and potency of anything stored inside. MIRON is constantly improving the effectiveness of their products, and their latest glass is more powerful than ever.

Excellent Quality item as described.Great for storing and prolonging life of fresh juices! Packed with care and quick postage:)​​



Superb quality; I'm so pleased with this! The dark, dark glass has a sort of 'lustre'; the lid is great. The whole effect is quite minimalist, but very beautiful - and functional - also. It was nice to order this within the same country (Australia) and to know such a finely designed jar was available, here! I'm most grateful.​



Formulated with Australian Bush Botanicals & Certified Organic Ingredients 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free,  Sulphate, Paraben, Silicone – free Small batch, hand crafted, in Australia.
“KIYOI” means pure in Japanese. The concerto of minimalism and cleanliness products was made with delicate care and craftsmanship, and strive for exclusive quality products.
Established in 1900, Marius Fabre has been loved for its high manufacturing technology and quality.
Marius Fabre has been one of the few companies that continue to produce Marseille soap using the traditional method  by conserving the techniques of saponification in cauldrons as prescribed by the royal decree of the time.
No preservatives or colorants are used, and the soap base is made from 100% vegetable oils, such as olive oil, which is slowly saponified in cauldrons over 10-15 days.